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Pulled Pork

3 LB Bag - $30 ea

5 LB Bag - $50 ea


2 LB Bag - $40 ea

5 LB Bag - $100 ea


Full Rack - $22 ea

Belly Bites

2 LB Bag - $22 ea

Prairie Sweet

Prairie Sweet is that perfect balance of sweet and savory that makes every bite a rich, flavorful lip smacking experience.

$6 ea

Prairie Heat

Prairie Heat gives that sweet we all want, with just the right kick that's sure to satisfy the heat you're searching for.

$6 ea

Prairie Sauce

Prairie Sauce. For those of you die hard mustard fans that still need your sweet tooth satisfied.

$6 ea

Salt & Pepperz

Good on just about everything. A nice balance of garlic, salt and pepper with just a few other things to wake up your taste buds. It even makes vegetables taste better.

$6 ea

Prairie Dust

Prairie Dust is a smokey and flavorful BBQ rub. Sprinkle it on your favorite cuts of meat to bring that BBQ goodness to life.

$6 ea

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